S E V E N years


Look at those two little love birds. This picture was taken right after we jumped in the truck on the way to the reception. I remember my parents saying, “Wow they sure got out of that church fast!” Happy Anniversary Hubby!   I can’t believe it has been seven years. Especially since when I started writing this blog I had done the math and counted six years even though I had seven fingers counted.  Oh dear!

In Seven years we have:

 traveled to  London & Ghana Africa

visited Yellowstone national park

spent lots of time with family and friends

bought a business and transitioned to being a full time mommy at home

lived in 2 different houses

had 2 beautiful daughters and one baby on the way


God has blessed our family and continued to direct us. We always joke about how not “Normal’ we are …. here’s to many more years of not being normal!

Love you and see you tonight!

Yippee dinner date (thanks to the Rupps for taking our children in for supper) and car shopping. I know… exciting plans for an anniversary.

Life still happens even on special days.

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