Summer Means Pesto


Every summer for the last 3 years I have had  a herb garden.  In high school mom helped me plant an herb garden and learn about all the different ways you can use herbs.  I have enjoyed growing them ever since.  One of my favorite things to make out of them is fresh Pesto. It compares to nothing you buy in the store or have in a restaurant.  One time while eating with my friend Tasha, I ordered a Sandwich with pesto on it.  I barely saw an hint if green and actually asked the server if it was indeed a “pesto” sandwich.  Apparently, I had higher standards of my pesto.

Now we just make our own yummy pesto and then freeze it to eat throughout the year.  The girls have started to make it with me.  Lillian is my official basil washer.  Norah rolls the skin off the garlic.  Cooking with kids isn’t always easy or mess free but I think if you start when they are small  it will be something they will enjoy doing when they get older.

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