Back to the Farm and the Fair

This past week we headed back to the farm for our 1st time since dad has passed.  In July plans were already forming  to go to the Martin County Fair with Mom and Dad.  We still wanted to go and thought that Dad would want us to go and have fun.  Fun we did have, in fact, the girls, mom and I went two days in a row.  The 1st day we went with Laura, Darin and Ashley and met up with Bryan, Becky and Ross later that night. We took in a talent show, the animals, rides, and even a music show at the end of the night.  We were there over 7 hours. Dad would be proud.

Dad always loved the Fair so much and it was a huge part of our childhood because we were all in 4-H.  We talked about Dad through out the time we were there. Dad would have eaten the girls leftovers at the 4-H stand.  Dad would have treated us all to shakes (which mom did:)  , Dad would have danced through out the evening music show and not cared a bit.  My girls and there cousins danced their little hearts out.  Dad would have loved that.  The 2nd day we went back to the fair with Molly, Ryan and Anne.  More rides,  lots of talking to people about Dad, we took in lots of Mule and Horse events at the arena.  Everyone liked seeing our family out and together.

We enjoyed two days of cousin time with precious baby Anne!  I love this picture of her. She is so so cute. I think that we bonded this week a bit!  I gave her a cucumber to gum on and she gave me that cute, “thank you” look.


The girls also got to spend some one-on-one time with Aunt Heid.  God has been good at making all of the family relationships with my girls even closer over the last month.


Another fun thing we did was go swimming at the hotel pool in Fairmont. This was something that dad did with my girls a couple times over the last few years.  It was a special treat during winter months and they always had so much fun.  We thought of how much fun Dad would have had taking the everyone swimming.  Norah must have jumped in at least 30 times.  He would have loved that.  My sister Laura even commented on how we saw two other families (parents included) playing in the water together. Dad would always take notice  of those things and would have liked to see that.


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