4th of July


We had such nice weather up at the cabin. Just one day with rain and the rest of the days were beautiful.  We had lots of fun out in the boat.  We took lots of pictures of nature and the beautiful creation.  Some of our favorite siting’s were: eagles, baby bird nests, giant bees, and herons.  Lillian enjoyed fishing and Norah fished with a bobber and no hook. The girls always like spotting the eagles. When Norah would find it she would scream eagle very loudly.  Swimming was pretty fun with the water being warmer than usual.  Both the girls jumped off the dock and liked watching for fishes.


On the 4th we took the girls to a small town parade.  It was beautiful out and they both started to get this Candy thing.  Grandma and Grandpa took the family out to eat and then it was fireworks time.  Chris brought some little fireworks to do at the cabin 1st.  Norah didn’t like the loud noises so we were a bit worried.  Lillian had fun trying to find all the parachutes and watching older cousins do fireworks.  As far as the big show goes both girls stayed up, half way through the show Norah started to like the fireworks and smiled.  Lillian had fun watching with her two girl cousins on the blanket on the ground.  As usual it was a fabulous show!

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