Happy Happy Happy Birthday Norah


Dear Norah,

You are two years old today. When asked how old you are you say, “nine”! Sometimes you try to act that old.  You are a joyful, happy, exuberant little girl.  Life to you is one big party, usually from the time you get up to the time you rest your head!

You are very very chatty. Mom and dad say that this trait comes from both sides. You talk all day long and we mostly recognize what you are saying.  You have already got a reputation for being a very loud girl. Grandma Maloney says, “Use your church voice.”, but we realize that even your church voice is pretty loud.  You can be heard from every room in the house perfectly clear.  It’s a good thing we live in the country.

Your hair has grown in and gets pretty curly.  Mommy would love to help put some ponies in but they don’t last very long before you work them out!

Lillian likes to help get you ready and pick out your clothes.  This sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. You would rather hang out in your pj’s most of the morning.   You like to play with anything that Lillian has first.  You make almost anything into a phone. You are getting very very good at your real and pretend phone calls.  You and Lily can be quite the pair.  It can go from calm to stormy pretty fast.  However, you both love each other very much.  Lillian often asks you if you want to sit in the same chair and watch a video.

People often wish that they could bottle up your excitement and energy because you live life fully.  When going to the zoo you got so excited to see every animal. Grandma Maloney said, “You haven’t seen the zoo unless you have gone with a two year old!” Very true.  You often bring a smile to random people’s face. When going home from church one time we had the window open and you started to say “hi” and make friends with the person in the next car over.

Jesus loves you and we love you very very much and are excited to see you grow and learn!




Here are some pictures from her 1st round of birthday. We celebrated up at the cabin with the Maloney fam.  Everyone wore hats and our friend from Emmaville made two special cakes for Norah. Norah loved the M&M one.  Lillian helped her blow out the candle because Norah didn’t want to.  Norah thought Grandma’s doggy card what pretty funny.  It was a fun night with family and of course presents!

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