Norah at 22 Months


Dear Norah,

What a happy girl you are. You love to laugh and are always high on life.  You make Mommy and Daddy laugh lots.  You also know when to do something funny when you should be getting in trouble.  You have had comedic timing for sometime.

I like to listen to you over the baby monitor when you wake up from nap or for the day.  You talk, sing or just yell, “Mama or Dada.”  You love to talk a lot. We understand most of what you are talking about.  Your clearest phrases are, ” Thank you Mama”, “Thank you Dada”, “illy” ,” “wawa”, ” More Please”, “Nigh Nigh”.


You have funny faces and are starting to do squinty eyes when I say to smile for the camera.  You are finally getting some more hair on your head. You do not like me to try to put any of it a pony tail.  You can rip them out in about 2 seconds.  You do, however,  love hats.  You wear any hat you find.  You also love to wear hoodies.  You have to have the hoodie up on your head even if you are inside.


You still take a nap in the afternoon at lunch time. When you are done eating you say, “Nigh Nigh” and go to sleep for a few hours.  Bedtime is around 8:00 and it is usually a struggle to get you in your pj’s.  You now like to read books before bed. Your favorite are the ones that you can touch with different textures.  You also want to take a book with you too your Crib just like Lillian.


You  are a smily, happy girl and oh so smart! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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