Easter 2013

Easter morning

Easter morning the girls woke up to the table filled with signs that “He is Risen”.   Lillian found that her Easter Garden was covered with flowers (even though our grass was barely growing).  The tomb was empty and Jesus had defeated death!

Easter Egg Dying

The girls enjoyed our Easter Egg on Saturday night.  This year especially more than last Lillian wanted to do it herself.

easter dresses

Lillian and Norah were so excited to get dressed for Church on Easter Sunday. Lillian had gotten new pink shoes and wanted to put them on right away.

easter egg hunt

We headed over to G&G Maloney and enjoyed a yummy dinner and two Easter Egg Hunts. I think this year Lillian really did understand the true meaning of Easter and what Jesus did for all of us! That was the best part for me!

1 thought on “Easter 2013”

  1. What a celebration indeed! It is so great to hear how you are instilling the Lord’s love through stories and devotions. Your girls look so cute in their Easter dresses!

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