We’re going to the Hotel

Lillian could hardly wait until we went swimming at the hotel.  Last weekend we went to the cities for a family wedding and all the Wilken’s congregated at the hotel the night before.  It was just like old times (with a few more people), swimming, food from the freezer chest, and lots of fun.  Lillian could hardly wait.  She went swimming and for the 1st time jumped in all by her self without anyone catching her.  She must have done it at least 50 times.


We were also excited to see Anne again.  She is growing up so fast! Lillian enjoyed holding her and both the girls loved looking at her.  Lillian in her expert knowledge informed everyone  that Anne had, “Pooped out!”.  During supper we talked, celebrated Heidi’s birthday and let the kids burn off some energy.  Us Wilken’s like to pack in as much as we can in one trip! Chris and I even fit in a breakfast date , shopping at IKEA, the Container Store, and Lakeshore Learning store. The Wilken mantra “We play hard and go home tire:)”

holding Anne


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