A joy for reading

I often walk in the livingroom and see this scene. Lillian reading books and Norah following suit. ( We always joke about how our children learn nothing from “modeling” )


On this day they did it for about 35 minutes. We keep saying that when Lillian learns to read we might not see her again.  Last nigh while putting Lillian to bed we have to do our nightly declutter her bed of books. I took out about 15 books and thought they were all gone. Then I asked Lillian, “Did i get them all?” She responded, “Yes, except for these (9) books that I want to read.”


Norah when reads  a book she usually sings the “ABC Song” for every page.  (Also learned from her sister)


Here’s to readers out there…. it’s snowing outside go out and read a good book.

P.S.  – Just finished the Hobbit book again- The movie is going to do it justice. Just finished watching the Movie Mr. Poppers Penquins-  Horrible take on the Classic Mr. Poppers penguin book.Basically they used a few of the character names and that is all it is based on.    Read the book and let your imagination do the work on that one.

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