Jesus and Oatmeal


One week ago today on Tuesday, January 22nd-  We were eating oatmeal and reading our morning Preschool Devotional.  Sometimes I don’t know if anyone is really listening to the words I’m reading between the bites. However, this morning something read started Lillian  talking about going to heaven.  She started talking about all the people who will go to heaven and how she would like to go to. We talked about how you have to ask and pray to have Jesus in your heart.  I said whenever she would like to do this to talk to Mom or Dad. Lillian’s response was, ok mom. Then she started this prayer, “Dear Jesus,  Jesus  be in my heart, make me feel better, thanks for the oatmeal, Amen.”

So simple and sweet! Mommy and Daddy are excited about your decision and how you will learn more about choice to follow Jesus! Here is to little steps on a big journey, and thanks for the oatmeal!

1 thought on “Jesus and Oatmeal”

  1. What a thrilling and cute story! Thank you for investing and infusing Jesus into your daily lives-it is motivational and beautiful. You have given me many ideas. God Bless Lillian and Norah.

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