For the Love of Anne


We got to travel to Fairmont and see my New niece Anne. My sisters and I threw Molly a shower and it was so much fun. The whole thing almost got derailed for us because Lil got the stomach flu. Yuck! Luckily none of the rest of us got it.  We really wanted to go though because Lillian and Norah have never met Anne .. in person. She as so far just a skype buddy who sleeps a lot.   Here are some great pictures of them holding Anne.


Lillian was so proud. She just kept talking about how cute and adorable Anne is. DSC_0140_062

I love Anne’s look


Ashley does well at giving all the girls her FULL attention! Love you Ashley!


Anne only has eyes for Mama!

Norah did get to hold her too. I didn’t get a picture of that one because I was helping.  She would put her mouth on her head and kiss it. Then rest her chin on her head. I couldn’t figure out why she did that. Then at church I learned that I do that with Norah when she is sitting on my lap. As in the words of Lillian, “Oh cute!”

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