Family Fondue


We spent New Years Eve at home as a family.  We ate Fondue, watched a movie and were in bed by 8:30 ( Sadly this is usually our bed time around here)

We have done fondue in the past but not a full meal with the girls. Lillian was excited about the “Spears” as she called them. Norah screamed until she got a spear, and settled for a fork.

DSC_0017_019Lillian liked the cheese part until it got hard.

 DSC_0021_022 Norah wasn’t sure what to think

With little ones waiting for your food wasn’t a big hit but we tried it and Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed it! Happy  2013. Here are some of my more “nuts and bolts” wishes for my family

Daddy – May you get more sleep this year

Lillian- May you learn to eat your food we make at supper time and sleep in your own bed the whole night!

Norah- May you learn to talk soon so the screaming ends!

Me- May I enjoy the process!

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