November Recap!

I can’t belive that it is almost December and Christmas soon to be here! I have lots of little Christmas Crafts and decorating things to post but first I wanted to post some pictures of a few things we did this November!

Grandma and Grandpa Wilken came over to visit. Lillian liked doing preschool with Grandma’s help!
All of us cousins. It was so much fun seeing Karly and Kaitlin. Our table even won wedding scrabble:)
Fun with Ashley at cousin Karly’s wedding shower.
The girls watching the election coverage the night of the election.
Norah got a special mommy date all by herself at All American! She enjoyed having me all to her self!
We watched a beautiful Christmas Cactus bloom! This plant came from Chris’s Grandma.
We took Lillian on a date with Mommy & Daddy. We got all dressed up and went out to eat at a nice restaurant and a then to my sisters play, “Honk”. Lillian tried with all her might to stay awake but the sleep finally over took her.


The girls liked sitting on grandpa Wilken’s big rocks while he was getting ready for the big farm sale!


We were lucky enough to enjoy 72 degree weather for 1 day while we were in Fairmont. The girls loved jumping outside and swinging.


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