Thanksgiving Tradition

Fresh, homemade cranberry sauce was always a tradition with mom and my little sister.  This is such a vivid memory filled with the fresh smells of fruit and sound of crushed up cranberries.  I would get to push down the cranberries in the food grinder, what a fun job!

This year I continued the tradition with my girls! They both enjoyed pushing down the fruit and putting the cranberries in the hole.


2 pounds fresh whole cranberries
4 Oranges- cut off rind to use, discard white part and use the orange fruit.
4 apples, cored and peeled
Sugar or splenda to taste

Prepare fruit so it can fit into food grinder.  We used the Kitchen Aid food grinder attachment to make our yummy cranberry sauce.  Then grind fruit together and add as much or little sweetener as you like.
* Warning my husband called this a “textural nightmare” so it may not be for everyone but Norah and I are a fan!

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