A case for online shopping

Online shopping: I ventured out yesterday to Sioux Falls by myself and two girls. We hit Hy-vee before church, Sams and gas after, followed by The Mall to return a shirt. Norah passed out by this time and we still were going to JoAnn’s (10 ins and outs of the carseats).  By this time I thought Lillian was totally going to fall asleep as well and thus my 2nd attempt to get to the fabric store was gone. But we made it and I lugged pasted out Norah in the Store. 4.5 hours later after everything I arrived at home.. tired.. and hungry.The girls both pasted out in the car.  Chris and I ate lunch while the girls slept. We had the monster out there while they were sleeping and when they woke up we found out they both had peeped out onto their car seats. Next comes stripping off wet clothes… a bath to wash off.. redress and feed (It’s like we have done this before). Yes, I think whatever they get for online shipping is totally worth it! So thanks Fedx and UPS men that bring me the things I need to my door! I’m very grateful!

~One Christmas Gift is already coming via box 🙂

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