Crafty Moments


This month we started writing down things that we are thankful for on our little thankful tree.  The funny thing about writing these down is that it helps you focus on the good and things that are important instead of the trivial.  Waking up today in America gives me the greatest thing to be thankful for… the freedom to vote!  God is in control but we still need to take action! Don’t neglect your right… Vote!

Here are the directions to how to make your own thankful tree!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper with a tree outline
  • Finger paint (Red, Orange ,Brown)
    or other paint
  • Black Markers
  1. You can draw a tree on a large sheet of paper or download one and print it out online.                         I added our family name and year at the bottom.   Here is one I used.
  2. Get your family to thumb print different leaf colors on your tree. Let it dry.
  3. Every day in November write down something you’re thankful for.

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