Thoughts from Lillian

While at the Zoo Lillian looked out over field with the buffalo and said, ” Look mom turtles, those turtles are on land.” (aka buffalo patties)

After devotions Lillian asked:

Lil: Mommy are we going to drive our car to heaven?
Me: No, Jesus will take us there, kind of like flying.
Lil: Oh, how does our car get there?
Me: We don’t need a car in heaven.
Lil: I will need help flying or I’ll need a bandaid.  Will there be other people there?
Me: Yes, if they love Jesus and have him in their heart.
( Then she proceeded to list everyone in our family that will be in heaven) it was so precious.

Lil: That will be so fun!

Lil: What is Norah’s teacher at MOPS?
Me: Brenda
Lil: Oh like the other Brenda?
Me: Yes
Lil: Oh, they are a match:)

Other things that she likes to say is: Actutally, and well.

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