Highlights of Lillian’s Big Day

This is what Lillian woke up to on her birthday. Birthday with a splash of Dora.
Lillian started out the day with one of her favorite breakfast items- Daddies Cinnamon rolls. She also found a wand and Dora crown at her table spot.


Norah liked the crown too:)
Next we went to all american with our dear friends the Ovendens.
Little miss gymnast
Lillian and the boys after an hour of hard play.
We make homemade ice cream cake and smore cupcakes. They were a big hit.
I love this picture of Lillian looking at her ice cream cake:) Yummy
Norah really enjoyed her Smore cupcake
The mess! Yes, we did go to bed with it looking like this. Birthdays are exhausting!










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