Happy Happy Happy Birthday

At the Hospital 1 day old
6 months old
1 year old
2 years old
3 Year old!

Dear Terriffic Three Year Old,

Today you are three and oh how excited you are to have your birthday party.  You have been talking about it for weeks.  You can show three fingers and say your birthday is in September.  You are a very excited for presents, people and your party.

You are starting to look like a 3 year old. Your getting taller and your hair longer.  You are POTTY TRAINED (Expect at night) and we are all happy! You talk and talk and talk all the time.  You like to take random items around the house and use them as cell phones, ipads, and cameras.

You love to read and visit the library.  You like to have your library books with you in your bed and by your bed at nap and bed time.  You know all your alphabet letters and most of your sounds.  You can write some letters and have started to write your name.  Momma’s so proud!

You sing and make up songs. These are usually sung at a very loud decibel throughout the house.  You know many songs and often request “your music” in the car.

You have tons of energy and like to do somersaults and jump on Rody around the house. Your energy never seems to run out.

You are Mommy’s little helper. You help in the kitchen, with the laundry and helping feed Norah.

You are learning how to be a big sister and how it’s not always easy. Norah gets in your things, pinches and bites but she loves you very much. You just might not always feel the love.

You are very fond of your cousins and love to spend time with them. You would probably play with them all day everyday if you could! Sleep overs are your cup of tea.

Mommy and Daddy and Norah love you very much and Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to You
Make a happy birthday wish and may all your wishes come true
We all love you
We’re here to celebrate you
We all love you
We’re here to celebrate YOU!

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