I have this nice, deep bathtub in our upstairs bathroom.  I have lived at our new place for exactly 3 months and that is about the number of times I have sat in that tub longer than 5 minutes.  I used to love baths and to sit and soak. In fact if I had to choose what to do with some downtime(that doesn’t exist anymore) I would sit and read in the tub. However, this morning was a prime example of why during mommyhood we don’t take baths anymore.

I had just finished bathing the girls and I was going to jump in and take  a shower next.  We have a gate right outside our bathroom door that I close when I get ready. The girls usually play in Lil’s room and it goes pretty well for the 5 or 6 minutes I’m showering.  I was getting ready to shower and thought hey the water is here it’s still kind of warm i’ll just sit here a few moments and breath.  The very next minute, Norah starts crawling under the gate- army style- trying to grab my camera on the floor.  I put her back over the gate go back in the bathroom and she crawls under again.  The second time I put her back, Lillian says that she pooped in her underwear. Grrrrr. I think she has fallen off the potty training wagon.  I leave Lil and Norah, both very unhappy at the gate and jump in the shower and try to calm down myself. Then realizing that, yes, I’ll be clean but then will have to deal with poop after I’m done.

I get out put Norah down for a nap and while I’m in her room step in some yellow liquid on the floor (white carpet). Yep, Lillian also peed on the rug. I clean up that and then go deal with Lillian. She is now crying because her dresses is wet and can’t wear it today.

Everyone is cleaned up … except maybe me…..the crying has stopped…  and I think back to that tub… well, I guess it’s not going to happen today.


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