When it’s too hot to think…

Had we known before we moved that this summer was going to hover in the 90 + temps we probably would have looked at getting our air conditioner working or getting our new system in place.  Hind sight is always 20 -20. So here we are… hot and unable to use most of our logical thinking part of our brain. So some might ask what do you do when it is this hot? How do you survive?? Here are a few things we have been doing to keep it “cool” around here:

  • We live with fans in each room, which means we relocate the 3 we own.
  • We moved to sleeping in our basement. Norah’s pack-n-play is actually in our laundry room.. Lillian on our twin bed and Chris and I on the air mattress. Nice and cozy.

  • We bought a kiddy pool and all members of this family (including the adults have been sitting in it)

  • The children go around in their underwear and diapers.

  • Lillian swam in our ice bucket for Norah’s birthday party.

  • Norah sucks on Ice cubes in her mesh food holder.

  • We visited the water spray park with cousin Darin.
  • We go over to other’s houses for play dates!

  • I made ice bears to put in the pool. They melted in 4 minutes.


On a whole we are making it. I will always remember the summer we moved into this house.  The other good news is that Chris has made the call to meet with the guy that will put in our cooling system. The process has started! Praise God.

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