Family Party

We finally have a house that is big enough to host both sides of our family. No more parks or other people’s houses. It was nice to just stay at home and be able to have everyone over.  I think the total count was 28 people. Norah is a lucky girl with so many people who love her!

It was a hot 97 degrees out but there was a nice wind that made it comfortable outside.  Norah enjoyed the whole party. Watching her eat the cake was so much fun.  She really enjoyed this new experience. One of Lillian’s favorite things that Norah received was a water bottle. Lillian’s response was, “Now she has her own!” (Which means that Norah will no longer be using hers)

Norah very excited about her new noisy toy!
This looks like fun!
Just a little bit to start
I think I can do this by myself
I think I got this cake thing down!






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