4th of July at the Cabin

This year was the 1st year that we as a family went up to the cabin without daddy (sad).  Daddy had to stay and work at the shop so the girls and I went up to the cabin… it was a little cooler up there lower 90’s instead of upper 90’s.  We enjoyed lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa Maloney, Aunt Laura and cousins Emma and Maddie.   While we were up there we enjoyed great food (it’s nice only being responsible for only 1 meal a day), we saw amazing fireworks (Norah’s 1st), swimming every day (minus our rainout day), and fishing…

Funny things

Lillian: Look Mom, 1..2..3..10 fishies… Holy Moly
Lillian: Look Hope, I’m wearing my new pj’s.
Mom: What was your favorite firework?
Lillian: All of them!
Norah: Yeah (her response to any question)

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