One is Fun


1 year ago today we were surprised. Norah wasn’t suppose to be born until July 27th and when she made her arrival almost 3 weeks early we were caught a little off guard.  Since that day Norah has brought so much joy and fun into our lives.

Norah thinks it is fun to climb up stairs. She will go over to the stairs and then wait for someone to get to her and then she crawls up them as fast as she can until we get her.

Norah has fun in the tub and in the water.   This week at the cabin she really enjoyed playing in the water.

Norah has a lot of fun during the day but also sleeps pretty good.   She is taking 1 nap in the morning for a couple of hours and then 1 in the afternoon.  Sometimes she even has a longer stretch at the beginning of the night.

Norah has fun doing adrenaline filled activities…. fast boat rides… going high in the swing… and bumpy rides in the wagon.

Norah has fun eating. Right  now she is eating strawberries, bananas, blue berries, sweet potatoes, peas, corn, puffs, and as a special treat pretzels.

Norah’s  smile is so much fun.  Everyone always says she is so expressive and they love her gummy smile! She is also saying words like: Yeah, Wow, Mom, Dad!

This first year has been so memorable and we are so excited to see her grow this next year!


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