1 year minus 21 days

Norah is rocketing toward her 1st year birthday. I can hardly believe it.  It seems that just yesterday I was still pregnant with her in those hot summer days. However, time doesn’t stand still and she continues to grow and learn.  She constantly surprises us with how much she already knows.   She will still probably be refered to as baby Norah by me and Lillian and her friend Simeon, however, being one makes you feel that much more older.

 We have learned that she is very determined – focused and a strong-willed person.    She is climbing up everything: Flights of stairs, foot stools, and chairs.  Then she gives us her million dollar smile.

She is super expressive and loves people. Grandma and Grandpa Maloney came over and she started acting all silly and vocal.  I think she is a big social butterfly (that must come from daddy 🙂

Norah is a people watcher. She loves watching people at the park, pool and library.  She sat stood through an entire puppet show at the library.  She loves listening to books and watching Lillian.

She is eating more and more… bananas, cream of wheat cereal and sweet potatoes… Veggies are coming soon:) She even shakes her head no when she is done eating.


Norah is very close to walking. She is already walking behind walking toys.  She is walking in between objects, along the fireplace ledge and holding our hands.  She has maybe taken 1-2 steps by herself forward. I know it’s coming soon. Watch out world she is going to be a runner.

This is a pose we see Norah do very often.  Whenever she wants us to pick her up she puts her hands together  at the base of our feet. It’s so sweet. My mom is especially taken with this little maneuver.

Norah is so loved by everyone. We can’t wait to celebrate her birthday in 21 days!

*Precious pictures taken by my friend Danae


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