Sheer will power

Lillian has been described as a strong-willed child. She is wonderfully independent and knows what she wants and does not want to do.  Lillian has always loved to suck her thumb and after our move it was almost constant.  We would try to remind her but it was not use.  Then on Sunday my sister Laura and I painted her nails for a graduation party, 5 days later, and no thumb-sucking.  It looks likes that she had quit cold turkey.  Chris and I were pretty impressed with the amount of will power that takes to break a habit… (in the back of our mind we were also a little worried that a 2 1/2 year old can contain that much will power).

We are also taking another go at potty training.  There has been some positive momentum and we are rolling with it.  It seems that Lillian is also wanting to do it , which is probably the key. I know that you always hear, “Wait until they are ready.” It’s hard sometimes as a mommy to wait.  There was much celebration when the other night when she went potty all by herself-unprompted.

Lillian has also been talking up a storm lately(I think we have another Maloney talker lately) . We can’t believe how much she remembers.  She is making so many connections it’s crazy.  She saw the picture of the eagles we have in the dinning room and said, “Lets go to the cabin.” She recalls things we have said or done in the past. It’s always interesting to hear what they remember. We still can’t understand everything she says but can figure it out most of the time. To tell you the truth, I’ll miss her made up words and rambling paragraphs.

  We have also noticed an increase of imagination…. the other day we were weeding outside and she picked up a stick and said she had caught a fish.  Then she pretended to cook it for me to eat. It was such a fun game, with nothing more than a simple stick and some grass.

*lovely pictures were taken by my friend Danae! She really captured Lillian:)


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