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Lack of Blogging + Abundance of pictures

Life has been busy here unpacking and getting used to “rural life.” The boxes have been going down but all the random stuff at the end is crazy.  Hoping to get room pictures up soon. Maybe I’ll just have to break down and take pictures of the middle product instead of the end! Here are some pictures of events that happened over April and May that never got blogged about!

Lillian likes to go on the See Saw. There is only 1 in Sioux Falls as far as I know. It’s always a big hit!
Lillian’s in the belly of the whale. This is a HUGE fish you can walk through at the outdoor campus. Go if you haven’t yet!
We did a double family date with our friends the Ovendens (5 children plus 4 adults). It was a rainy day but lots of fun. Norah loved the huge light bright board.
I’m going to get you!
The boys getting wet and Chris explains how all this works!
Lillian at her favorite station checking out groceries she had a special system for checking out all the food.
Little Simeon giving Norah a toy to play with.

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