New House

First of all thanks so much for your prayers! So many people have been praying and encouraging us through this process.  As of Saturday we are moved in.  The movers met Chris at the Hawthorne house and loaded up in 3 hours. However, we are pros at putting things in a small house and we actually filled up 1 whole truck. There will have to be a little more moving on our part but not much.  Thanks so all the Grandparents for cleaning and watching the girls! This was huge.
We are so excited to see what God has for us in this new place and adventure…

Fun moving stories….

  • When at Fairmont Lillian wanted to go swimming but said, “Can’t go swimming, Swimsuit in the box.”
  • Lillian also said, “Oh, no our table broken.” (it was taken apart to move it)
  • We keep saying, “Wow, does ________ look small.” Fill in the blank with TV, Dinning room table… furniture. I guess it’s all in reference.
  • We found out our laundry shoot works but it drops laundry in the door frame of a basement door..oops
  • We now each have our own closet in our own room. (Chris’s clothes used to be in Lillian’s room… mine in the basement.. and the girls in a dresser)
  • We were sitting on the porch listening to our surroundings and saying things we heard. Lillian said she hear a giraffe, hippo and tiger.
Here come the movers. Well worth the money!
Yep all that fit in our small house!
Chris and I had to make sure the coffee box was found 1st!
This is how I packed with a baby on my back!
I love this picture.. poor thing there was no where else to sit but the laundry basket. Not the case anymore.

More pictures to come soon!

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