an old fashion land rush….

You know sometimes I would just like to go back to a simpler time.. were people just raced on the horses and stuck a flag in the ground and bam the land was yours! No regulations… no appraisal…. no closings… just run ..plant the flag and you have your self a new home.  Just think of that great scene in the movie “Far and Away”…it that too much to ask?

As many of your know … we are in the process of buying an acrage.  Like all things in life.. you can’t always plan.  We we were suppose to have the moving trucks come tomorrow but it looks like they will be rescheduled for sometime next week. Due to some unforseen issues with our apprisal agent, and the lack of professionalism on his part, we have to back track a little bit. God is still good and faithful! Even thought it was one of those crying… frustrating.. and self-pity days.

At the end of the day we are feeling better. We have a date set for our second closing, next Thursday, but it could be moved up if we things go well.  I also get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom and sister…. Chris can work this weekend on our current house to get it ready (guilt free) and we get to have a little mini-vacation in Fairmont before we move.

God is good…..

……..however… the horse race for land still looks pretty good too.

1 thought on “an old fashion land rush….”

  1. I know moving is hard enough and than to have this happen is very frustrating. Just imagine yourself in a couple of months all settled in your beautiful home, it is around the corner! LOVE YOU!

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