Norah is…

Norah is …

on the move
standing all the time
a fast crawler
is already giving her sister a run for her money
so expressive
into everything
not sleeping through the night but is sleeping longer
excited to talk on Skype to Daddy and Grandma & Grandpa
growing more hair
a toothless wonder
giggling more and more
saying dadad and mamama
doing a new gummy squinty smile
enjoying her trips to the park
moving when she hears music
making sounds with her tongue after we do a sound
a sleeper in the carseat
all bumps and scratches from so much movement
a joy
9 months old!!


3 thoughts on “Norah is…”

  1. You forgot one…. Norah is…. LOVED!!!! Miss you, Maloneys! Wanna see if we can skype sometime on Monday? I have the day off! 🙂

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