Funny Things said around here…

At Grandma’s last week

Grandma- Oh Lillian do you hear the birds outside? Wouldn’t you like to be a bird and fly up to the tree?
Lillian- No, I’d be a pig.
Grandma- A pig?
Lillian – Yeah, I’d be a pig… they roll in the mud

In the Stroller walking to the park ( After reading Papa can you reach the moon)

Lillian- Mom? Can’t reach the moon!
Marisa- Nope it’s too far.
Lillian- me and angel and Norah an angel. Then I can reach the moon.
Marisa- So angels can reach the moon?
Lillian- Yep! With a smile on her face!

In the livingroom playing

Lillian- I’m too big
Marisa- Too big?
Lillian- I be little so I could go in there ( the dollhouse)


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