Alphabet Toilet Paper Craft, Crafty Moments

A is for Alligator

Lillian has been showing the desire to learn  letters  so we started doing a letter a week. I’m following this blog The activity mom She has great toddler activities. A few weeks ago she started doing letter crafts using toilet paper tubes. All her crafts are easy, cheap and can be done in a few minutes. Here is the link to the letter A:  We also are using the following bible verses to go with each letter!

We call them her special projects. Here are a few pictures of our 1st letter! If you want to grab a toilet paper tube and join us as we go through the alphabet! B.. C… & D… coming soon

This is our alligator. Lillian liked feeding him letter "A"s. We went on a hunt around the room to look for magnet letter A's to feed to our alligator. Lillian thought of the idea to feed it to him.
Full of A's
A fun new game!
I also got out the letter stamps and we stamped Big A and Little a. I wrote a verse that starts with A in the middle.

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