Fun In Fairmont

The girls and I packed up and headed to Fairmont last week.  They needed some Grandma and Grandpa Wilken time. I also convinced Aunt Molly to join us for a day.  Reason #45 to be a stay at home mom…. You can have a vacation during the middle of the week anytime! I was going to try to write down a whole day’s activities but it never happened so here are some of our highlights:


  • Having every play request satisfied
  • Swimming in the warm hotel pool
  • Eating…. Grandma’s snacks…meals and desserts
  • Swinging at the park
  • playing in the dollhouse
  • Washing dishes in the sink
  • Seeing Uncle Bryan and having him tickle me.
  • Playing with Aunt Molly and Uncle Ryan
  • Unlimited Grandma and Grandpa time!


  • Watching my girls bond with G & G Wilken!
  • Not having to cook or plan meals!
  • Errands without kids 🙂
  • Playtime without feeling guilty about doing housework.
  • Seeing spring unfold before us!


  • Constantly being held!
  • Waving at Grandpa and Grandma
  • Swimming in the pool for almost an hour
  • Exploring the house!
We went to Goms Park in Fairmont on Friday afternoon. It was beautiful out! Norah loved being pushed by Grandpa and was giggling a ton!
Lillian like the seal swing!
Look how big she looks!
Norah loved crawling around and chasing us from room to room!
Since Thursday was raining. Dad took us all to the Holiday Inn to go swimming. Yes, the pool is bigger than this but Lil liked to have everyone try out the little pool.
Aunt Molly was busy holding the girls in the pool.
We ate at the pool too. However, Lillian didn't make it much past the last bite!

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