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A Lesson from Grandma Mary

Grandma was a saver, her house was proof of that. Whenever we needed something grandma had it. Many people tried to persuade her to purge more but  her response would be, “What if someone needs it?”
I remember many times going to Grandma’s to find that something for a project and she would shuffle off, humming  and soon come back with the desired object plus some other options if we didn’t like what she found.

Which brings me to what I have been working on, some busy bags (more posts coming on that subject). I have been using some felt that actually was left over from Grandma’s old flags.   I started working on this button snake for Lillian that was made of 1 button, ribbon and felt pieces. You simply sew the button on one end of the ribbon and a felt shape on the bottom. Cut out desired shapes and slit a hole through them and you are done.

Once I found this project I went to work right away making it for Lillian. However, a few minutes in I realized that the scrap pieces I threw away from my felt diaper project could have been used great for this project. I’m quick to throw and didn’t like them all over the house. My impulse is always to throw, much to my husbands dismay.  Next time I will have to think a bit more like Grandma Mary and think… wait a minute.. I better keep these because someone … somewhere might just need this.

Here are a few pictures of the button snake!

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