8 months old

Dear Norah,

You are 8 months old today.  You are a petite little thing but very strong. You already have mastered the art of crawling.  However, that did not keep you content because then the next day you learned to sit up.  A few days later you started pulling yourself up to the edge of the couch.  Whenever Mommy and Daddy look at you while you are standing you give us your 1 million dollar smile.

You are jabbering up a storm and saying dadadad and mamama.  You have also started doing your own version of a wave.  You stick out your hand with all five fingers out and point it at the person you want to “wave” to. Daddy loves your waves.

You enjoy watching your busy older sister and chasing after her. You have also developed a new love for whatever Lillian is playing with.  You are not much of a long sleeper at night but you take several longer naps in your crib during the day!

You like listening to books and talking on Skype with Grandma.  If Lillian is in the way of the screen then you poke your head around her so that you can see.  You even start to smile when you hear the dialing sound of the Skype call.

Your smile and facial expressions bring joy to everyone that sees you. We love watching you grow and work at conquering the next phase…walking!


Your Mommy

Standing by the couch
There is that smile I'm talking about
Standing in the crib... do I sense a theme?
Bathtime with Lil
from happy to sad!

3 thoughts on “8 months old”

  1. Tasha I totally understand… when I first wrote this blog I had 9 months instead of 8. I think it’s the crawling thing… she seems older than she really is

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