New interests!

Lillian is sorting bugs by color and type!

Lately I have noticed Lillian ready to do some different things: playing memory games, sorting objects, playing her bowling game. Yesterday I got inspired and dug out some of my Kindergarten teaching stuff and we played.  This game has bugs in 7 different colors and types. Then there are cards that you can match the bug to by type and size. Lillian thought this was  a great game. After she would go she would say, “Your turn mommy!”.  Wow.. taking turns.. sorting colors.. categorizing.. Kindergarten here we come 🙂

Lillian has ben playing with her dolls a lot lately. In this picture she actually told me to take a picture of her. I have been a little camera happy with trying to get pictures of Norah crawling!
Mom does this remind you of anyone? Just replace the dolls with kittens wrapped in Barbie blankets on the window ledge and you have me 28 years ago doing the same thing!
We think we might have to get a helmet for Norah... Lots of bumps and falls with this new-found freedom!
She is getting lot of use out of the crawling leggings. Norah crawls then stops and sits up by herself for a bit and gives us the best smile!

Yesterday, Norah also waved hi for the 1st time and pulled herself up to a standing position by the couch! Wow this is going fast!

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