Crafty Moments

No more mess!

Does your living room ever look like this? Chris and I found the set of Melissa and Doug building blocks after Christmas on sale. We got 60 blocks for $10. The only problem is where to store them and how to make it so kids can put them away by themselves!

Our solution was to make a fabric carrying case for them. Chris helped me with the design and the measurements.  I purchased outdoor umbrella remanent fabric  and velcro for the project.  It was about $30 bucks for all the materials but so worth it as you will see in the pictures!

I like the bright colors and Lillian can carry them from her room to the living room by herself! They took a lot of time to think out and make but are SO worth it!

The fabric lays flat to start!
stack the blocks in any 3 level fashion
Carry them to your room!
Put them away. Ours fit neatly into the bottom shelf of our changing table!

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