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Cute Valentines

I waited to post this because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of our valentines this year. On Tuesday, Lillian and I loaded up our bags of valentines and did some delivering. It was fun to get to make the different stops and talk to the people we delivered them too!

I found both of these on Pinterest. These are the websites and they give pretty good directions to do both &

They were both pretty easy. For people who didn’t live in town we mailed a flat version. The sucker valentine turned into a bouquet of heart flowers on cardstock and the kisses valentine turned into a cute bookmark!

Here are some pictures of Lillian from that day!

Lillian worked hard decorating the bags that held the valentines. She enjoyed using stamp markers for the 1st time.
My big girl!
Off we go to deliver

1 thought on “Cute Valentines”

  1. Thank you for my cuties Valentine! They are so adorable. You gave me a bookmark when we were in college and now I have a new one to add! I will use it during my devotions.

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