Lessons From a Cupcake!

On Valentines day most years I love to make some special treats. Mom always used to make something special. I always remember yummy filled cupcakes with sprinkles as we came home from school.
Well the last few years (minus last V-day… due to pregnancy and not cooking anything) I have made these Red Velvet Cupcakes. They are oh so good and I always look forward to them. They are from scratch and you get to pipe your own icing on to the cupcake!

Well Lillian was helping me and Norah was in her exosaucer while we were cooking. Everything was going great. I was making a frosting component on the stove top and it was time to take the cupcakes out. I take the sauce off and up the pan on the stove top. I used my new trick of testing Cakes and breads with a dry spaghetti noodle. It’s great and if it’s not done then just break off the end and continue to use it. Way better than tooth picks.  Anyways, I was testing the cupcakes and one starts to vent steam. I thought this odd but thought it was just venting from being in the oven. Well after a few minutes I realized that ,yes, the burner was still on and my great cupcakes were burning.

I rush to take them out and they still look pretty good.  I took off the wrappers and thought great still ok!
Well as we did a taste test Lillian and I realize that the smoke had permeated though the cupcake.  😦
I was so bummed.  We regrouped… baked the rest (luckily it was a large batch) and moved on. No tears this time. Though sometimes I get so frustrated from my cooking mistakes. I started to think about the cupcakes and thought , wow, what a great analogy! Just like my cupcake that looked great on the outside our lives can look wonderful and all put together.  However, we let sin come in and it can permeate through our life just like my cake.  We try to strip of the sin like my wrapper but we still stink of sin. We are human and need Jesus.  So, even though it was not the great cooking triumph I was looking for… God used it to remind me that we need Him! Happy cooking!

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