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Board Books Reused


It was Lillian’s cousin Ashley’s birthday and we wanted to make something special for her. I saw this idea on a blog post so decided to give it a try.  We took one of Lillian’s old board book that we were going to rummage (Lillian wasn’t so excited about giving away her book, but we talked about how we were going to make it new for Ashley and then she got on board.) I used double stick tape to cover up the pages with scrapbook paper (all shades of purple).  After covering all the pages the binding cover did break so I just cut that part off. I wrapped  the cover in a fun girly page and used stickers to make my title. The book itself is full of black and white pictures of Lillian, Norah & Ashley.  I edited the pictures using (a free editing site I found).  I didn’t add words because I just liked the picture look! A fun new use for those old books that get too loved!

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