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Deck of Card book!

My sister had issued a challenge for us girls for February. We needed to pick 1 thing that we could focus or do in February to bring joy to others. Our options were: Write a note or card everyday in, take a picture of something you love everyday, make a meal once a week and deliver it to someone , make baked goods once a week and give them to someone.

I love to write and encourage so I picked that one.  I had seen this project on pinterest and thought I could do that ( Plus it would go with my February Challenge)! I wanted to give something to Chris that didn’t cost a lot of money but was meaningful.  This book was going to be a Valentine present but I decided to give him  a few cards each day.  I also added a picture that goes with the saying.  Not all of them match but I tried to get a few that do.  This also helped me use up all those pictures that don’t make it into the scrapbook.

* Lillian thought punching a hole through the cards was the best and she used a tool for her doctor kit to pretend to hole punch the card. She’s a thinker.  Also, to all those who think wow, when does Marisa have time to do all this… I’m pretty sure that my house was a disaster.. and there were some tired and crying children through some stages of this book.  It probably took a good 2 weeks to get this one completed.

It was a super fun project to work on. Very time intensive but totally worth it! So go ahead ladies… appreciate those guys of yours and make them this cute little book!

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