Crafty Moments

Prayer Cup!

One of my goals for this year is to make some crafty things and post them on my blogs.  I love to craft, however, with two little girls it isn’t always a possibility.  This prayer cup we started in MOPS and I finished at home.  We decorated an empty soup can (with no sharp edges) Put scrapbook paper around it. Then took popsicle sticks and wrote family and friends names on it.  Since Lillian can’t read yet I added pictures on the top.  I used a scrapbook punch and black paper to mount it on the stick.  I also used a lot of christmas cards from last year to use for pictures. This was perfect because they were almost the perfect size. There is a ribbon around the can that is also helpful to put sticks we have already prayed for in.

Lillian really likes it because she gets to pick a stick and pray for someone she knows.  She always reminds us if we forget.  I’m also thinking of adding a little notebook by the cup so I can write down people’s specific prayer requests! I have wanted to post this for a while!  1 1/2 months later…. Done!

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