December continued!

We went to the Children's Museum with G&G Maloney & Savanna. Here are the girls learning how it's done!
Lil at her favorite spot, getting very wet!
Talking to Grandpa on the phone!
Lillian eating her first ice cream cone. Yep, she is now a gonner. She has never really cared for the ice cream part but when she saw Savanna having one too, she went all in. She ate every last part!
Yes, Norah came too... she slept most of the time and hung out with Grandpa!
We then went to Fairmont for New Years Eve with the Wilken's. Lillian called it "Tairmont". She loved hanging out with her cousins!
Grandma sporting the New Years Look
Mornings with Daddy
A mouse from Aunt Heidi & a cute hat from Aunt Molly
Uncle Bryan reading to Lil


We played minute to win it games for our christmas presents this year. I was pretty determined and I think Lillian is wondering what in the world we are doing.
Floor time with Aunt Molly
After Christmas we gave our tree to the Zoo. They had a Christmas with the animals. We went that day and found our tree. We asked a Lillian what happened and this was her response, "the cow ate my tree!" She was right!



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