December Recap

Happy New Year! I have been wanting to post for a while but it has been pretty busy around here lately.  Lillian is as busy as ever and little Norah is starting to look like she might crawl soon. (Mom’s Worried)

Here are a few great pictures from Christmas with the Maloney’s and New Years with the Wilken’s! We also took another  trip to the Children’s Museum ( Love that place)… had our friend the Pitz’s over to eat ( That has been on our to do list for over 6 months)… and even did some crafts. (now I remember why i’m tired)!

"Do you think they will notice what we've done?"
"Opps, busted!" (Yes, I think that was every toy we owned.. but they sure had fun!)
The Friday before Christmas we had a pajama playdate with the Rupps. I even printed out snowflake patterns. However, the kids ended up going to play and Laura and I did the craft. We enjoyed our selves and they turned out cute.
Lillian enjoyed sleeping out at G &G Maloney's house Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Grandpa let her help "make" popcorn. Lillian's true job is being the taste tester.
Daddy slaved over a nice juice piece of roast for dinner. So delish!
Cousin Maddie is so much fun to play with!
Lillian enjoyed watching everyone swim... but....
was a little sad she couldn't go in herself. Our rule was after she is potty trained that is one of her rewards. However, it's a heart breaker looking at that face. Being a parent and following your own rules is not always easy!
Yes, this is Lillian pretending to text on her present and use it as a phone.
Lillian and Savanna had a great time playing, It's nice to have someone to close to her age to play with.


Well… that’s it for now…  Diapers to change…. breakfast to make… and requests to fill! ( and book pages to  tape it looks like…)

I’ll post so more soon!

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