Ones that Didn’t make the Christmas Card!

Hey all it’s been a busy December and we can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.  There has been no snow here so that has been different. We actually went to the park on Sunday and played. Lillian had a ball. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember many other December days where we could do that!

Lillian has really enjoyed learning about the true meaning of Christmas this year. She is even saying the word Bethlehem. She was singing it in a song the other day.  I think I’m going to make a Birthday cake for Jesus because Lillian keeps talking about Who’s Birthday it is going to be.

I thought I would share one disastrous day from this season (can any parent relate?).  I know many of you have had that horrible stomach flu this year, well it hit our house too. On Saturday the 10th we planned to stay home and put up the tree and have a low-key weekend. Well at 5:30ish in the morning Lillian woke up crying and we found out she was sick. So we pulled out the sheets covered up the couch and hunkered down for the day.  However, trying to make a 2-year-old throw up in a bucket is almost nearly impossible.  Poor dear. By 9:00 I had pretty much run out of every towel and sheet set we own and the washer was running constantly.  There were lots of moments of that crazy laughter because what else do you do at that point.  By 6:00 that night we were wiped out. She seemed to be feeling a little better but then Norah started crying and I needed to go get something so we loaded everyone up in the car.  We got about 2 blocks away from our destination and we hear that horrible sound…

Yep… Lillian puked in the car.  We make a u-turn and head for home.  Chris and I know what’s coming.. we have cleaned up our car so many times.  I take Lillian inside and put her in the tub (clothes and all ) Chris starts to take apart the car seat and as he describes it ” a river of puke flowing out!”

We sat on the couch exhausted and feeling rather nauseous ourselves.  But the day was over and we made it.  It made me think of all the times my siblings and I got sick at home and how much laundry dad did.  Must be a parents right of passage. I got the flu two days later but luckily Chris and Norah escaped it! By the end of the weekend we did manage to get the tree up (48 hours later).

here are some random Christmas shots!

all dressed up
her shirt says "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" But mommy would like that to wait a bit still
Making cookies with Lillian
"Look at my pretty dress"
Decorating the tree. Lillian would grab an ornament and I would tell her about it. Then she would hand it to Chris and recount what I told her to him. Precious.
From our favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, " Little full... Lot of sap"

1 thought on “Ones that Didn’t make the Christmas Card!”

  1. Love your family and love the tree! I had to laugh out loud on that one (tree)! I hope you have a HEALTHY merry Christmas and New Year.

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