November Recap!

Norah is 4 months old and enjoys trying out the bumbo!
We enjoy our play dates with the Ovenden boys. Playing in the dirt is so much fun!
Norah likes to lay on the couch by her big sis
We went over to Fairmont the weekend before Thanksgiving to see my sister's play. Lillian enjoyed playing with her cousin Ashley and wear braids just like her!
All smiles
We spent Thanksgiving at the Maloney's this year. There was a total of 9 kids. What a house full.
Norah and Mommy
Lillian and Daddy all dressed up! Aunt Michelle and Dave got married on November 26th! The whole Maloney Fam was all dressed up and looking pretty great!
Lillian was excited to wear her pretty dress that Grandma made for her.
Norah had a dress to match and we even got to wear our Christmas dresses twice!
Lillian danced her little feet off at the wedding. She danced for 2 hours and the next days she had a hard time walking and her feet were swollen!

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