October Recap!

We went on our first MOPS field trip to the pumpkin patch in Sioux Falls
Lillian liked listening to the story the lady read. Look at how well she is sitting... every teacher's dream:)
Norah came too. She was in the moby wrap and slept most of the time. However, right when we were riding back she woke up and another little boy asked his mom, "Mommy why is that lady's tummy crying?"
We made a tunnel out of a sam's club box!
We finished up picking from our garden! We got tons of mini carrots ( not on purpose) peppers, tomatoes, squash and lots of herbs. We learned alot and are ready for next season!
The girls and I went to Fairmont to visit G &G Wilken. Lillian and Norah loved every minute of it. Lillian enjoyed reading and playing doll house with Grandma. She also got to play with real field corn, thanks to Grandpa. We also helped Grandma celebrate her birthday!
Grandpa loves is newest grandchild!
Aunt Molly and Uncle Ryan came over to see us and help celebrate Grandma's Birthday
After leaving grandma's she sent us home with tomatoes and we made 12 more batches of Pasta Sauce. Lilliand calls cherry tomatoes "Balls"
Norah is really holding up her head now. She is so strong.
Lillian went to her first football game! We cheered for her cousin Ross!
The Cardinal was Lillian's Favorite part! She wanted him to sit by her!
What a great October.... it ended with 3 more birthdays.... Grandma.... Chris and Ross... Lillian loved the Happy Cake!




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