Labor Day Weekend!

I don't think anything is better than bare skin babies:)
Daddy and his girls!
Baby Norah's 1st trip to the cabin. She did really good in the car. Only had to stop and feed twice on the way up and back!
Cousin Maddie
Blowing bubbles with Emma
Cousin Emma
Grandma good some good holding Norah time
Daddy and Lillian looking at the Trumpetor Swans.
Emma and Lillian spent all day playing with each other!
Norah's Big Smile
Goodmorning Lillian!
We celebrated Lillian's 2nd birthday with the Maloney's up at the cabin. The lady from Emmaville made this cute cake for us!
Emma helped me decorate the cabin!
Lillian learned to say "Happy Birthday Day" It really sunk in this year! She enjoyed every bit of it!

1 thought on “Labor Day Weekend!”

  1. Only a couple more days until Lillian’s B-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a fun relaxing get-a-way! I love Norah’s smile…

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