Hutchinson 2011

We went to Hutchinson, MN for our annual Wilken family get together! We were not sure if we were going to make it this year because it was over Norah’s due date.  However, she came early so we got to join everyone and they got some good Norah holding time 🙂 As always we played hard and ate good. It was awesome to have such supportive family to hold Norah and play with Lillian.

Aunt Molly holding Norah
Lillian and Mommy by the lake
Lillian't first tube ride!
Lillian had a great time swimming by herself. We were so amazed! She has no fear!


Chris and Darin had fun with the water guns!
Lillian loved the water trampoline
My precious new daughter!
Cousins! Love this Picture
Heidi and I by the fire!
The boys tried to fish but alas........... no fish... maybe Chris was right dynamite is the only option

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