Fun in Fairmont

Lillian and Whitie!
It wasn’t the warmest week in Fairmont but Lil did enjoy going out to find the Cats
Lillian loved dancing while Mommy and Molly played the piano
Talking with Great-Grandpa Wilken
The mommy’s on the bus go “Shhh Shh Shh”
Grandma and Grandpa helping Lillian sing the wheels on the bus.
This time Lil really had fun with going up and down the stairs!
Playing piano is so much fun
Lillian loves using Mommy as her own personal jungle gym!
Enjoying a few moments of outside time with cousin Ashley
The whole fam home for Dad’ s birthday! (Lillian is chasing a Kitty)
Playing the Piano with Mommy

We had fun in Fairmont. We got a chance to go see Molly’s Play, celebrate Grandpa’s Birthday and then Lillian and I spent the week there. Daddy was home working hard and painting our living room.  Lillian loved being with G & G all week long.

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